15 October 2016
By: Tomas Malmsten

What happened with ØSCG?

Last time we held an Øresund Software Craftsship Group meet-up was probably in December 2015. Now, closing in on a year since the last meet-up, it's perhaps time to say something about why I haven't organised any more.

To run a user group like ØSCG can be very rewarding. But it also takes a lot of time and energy. There's a whole host of things that has to be done for each event. Planing topics, finding speakers, preparing content, market it amongst other things. Then you've got to attending it as the host and sometimes the speaker or facilitator. So even with the fantastic help of FooCafe who takes care of the ground service it eats up a lot of time.

I had to take that time and energy from somewhere. So my family got to carry the cost. After running ØSCG for a couple of years it became very clear to me that that was not a price I was prepared to pay. This was also something my children had been clearly pointing out to me had I only listened. In that context I felt that what I gained in return did not even come close to what was payed.

But I did not want ØSCG to die. It was an important forum where we as programmers could learn the craft. A craft I find lacking much to often when I go to work. It is really sad that I could not find people who could step up and take the lead in in the community after me. And even though I did get help this was not nearly enough for me to keep it going.

However, I don't think ØSCG is dead yet. I think it's in hibernation. Waiting for someone to come and wake it from it's slumber. Someone with the energy, passion and time needed. It may be me if I can convince my employer to make the investment needed. Or it can be you. If you are interested to start the effort up again I'd be more then happy to help you get started. I will most likely also be involved as long as I don't have to be the lead. So the brand, and the community, is there should you feel the calling.

Last, but not least, would it not have been for Louis Hansen, Pavel Rozenblioum and Mathias Beckius ØSCG would not have carried on for a couple of years. It would have died much sooner. And it would not have been as much fun as it was. Thank you for your help and passion.

So sleep well ØSCG, until spring comes for you and some passionate soles wakes you from your hibernation.

Tags: Software Craft