29 October 2023
By: Tomas Malmsten

Every day resistance to the system

I've not talked politics here before, even though I talk politics with pretty much everyone I know. But I think It's time I change that.

I'm going to start with some thoughts on the small things we can do to resist the system of state and capitalism. Stuff that is just nice and kind but also a little building bricks in creating the connections needed to enact real change.

I have the privilege of access to an allotment. A place where I can grow some of my own food. A place where I can grow the soil my food needs to grow. Where I can produce some of what I eat in a way that takes CO2 out of the air. If you also have access to a garden, allotment or anything else you can do this too. A pot in the window sill is a really good place to start. And even if your thing isn't to grow food this is actually more about growing soil.

Look into Bokashi, a way to ferment kitchen waste. When the Bokashi is done, mix it with whatever soil you can get access to (50/50). You can use soil from re-potted plants, soil from your garden, or whatever you find in your local city scape. Put it in a fairly airtight container and let it sit for another couple of weeks in 20ish degrees. Here you have fantastic soil to grow anything. This locks carbon in the soil. It also ensures local production. And it cuts out the profit making, and environmentally hostile, corporations producing commercial soil.

Take cuttings of your indoor (and outdoor) plants and give them away to others. I take loads, producing small plants in pots I have left over. I then hand them out where ever I can. For free. Again, local sourcing, cutting out commercial interests and all that. But also, giving away a living plant is an act of love to whoever receives it. If I ever meet the is irrelevant. The receiver knows someone put some effort into making this so that they could have it.

If you grow things that produces seeds, especially vegetables, then let some of it seed. Allowing plants to seed always produces way more than you will need to grow your next crop. Give the surplus it away. Or use it to make sprouts and microgreens. Of both.

When growing things, use what you have at hand to grow in. Or what you find thrown away. There is an abundance of left over containers from various things we buy. Both pots from sallads or fresh herbs and all the plastic containers from other things we buy. Use it. You'll reduce waste, save money and again cut out the hostile corporations.

That's some ideas. Some stuff I do. I bring little plants to the work place. I give away food I've grown when there's more than I need. I grow a lot of beans and freely hand out seeds so others can do so to. As well as kale, tomato and other things.

All these are small ways we can liberate our self. Create some breathing space. And the act of giving things away allows us to create community connections we need to go forward. Creating small spaces of love that allows us to have more challenging conversations with respect. To enact change that reaches further than our self in a kind and loving way.

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