I am a passionate software crafter who enjoy being challenged, by both technology and people.

My specialities are legacy code, agile transformation, DDD, TDD, BDD and Continuous Delivery. I often find that teams and organisation who have attempted to become more agile in their way to deliver software products misses out on some of the key aspects of the transformation. This can be both in terms of how they build the software and how they structure the organisation to support this function (and other functions at that).

As far as coding goes I find the many teams lack the knowledge required to build a sustainable product. In order to go fast important key things are forgotten. For example good valuable test coverage and well designed simple solutions. This often leads to the team slowing down as the code base slowly becomes a hard to understand morass of coupling with little test coverage where change becomes hard.

By introducing practices like continuous delivery, behaviour driven development and domain driven design into a legacy codebase the fear of change can be mitigated. I have worked a lot with exactly this kind of work and find it rather enjoyable. Deciphering legacy code, understanding how the developers though when writing it and also be able to extract specification out of it is something I think is very exciting.

I also often find that the organisation as a whole often struggle with the transformation to agility. This is often based in exciting power structures and how various people feel threatened by such changes. As I am a very good communicator with the ability to speak plainly to all levels in an organisation I can usually help remove fear and find workable ways forward. I have experience from coaching people all the way from c-level to the delivery teams. I also know how to explain difficult jargon riddled topics to people who are not initiated as well as coaching others in how to rid themselves of jargon to become better att communicating with those around them.

If I did not have to work for a living I would still program, coach and work with agile transformation. I find this extremely fulfilling. But I would do a lot less of it. This in favour of spending time with my family, cook good food and make mix cocktails. I also enjoy reading, travelling, films, theatre and hiking.

If you want to contact me you can find me on LinkedIn or on Twitter: @tomasmalmsten.