Moving from Wordpress to Cryogen

Tomas Malmsten
27 April 2018

I've been quite for a long time now. I've had to much work to do for my own good. What time I've got beyond that I want to spend with my loved ones. Times are similar now as then, so I'm probably not coming back to blogging much going forward.

Having said that, I'd still like to write a little something about why I've chosen to change the whole site. This is since I think there is some good experiences to draw from it, not just for a simple blog but also for a lot more business critical situations.

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Logical view and ¿developer view?

Tomas Malmsten
25 October 2016

This morning I saw a tweet from Simon Brown that that triggered some odd memories. The tweet was:

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What happened with ØSCG?

Tomas Malmsten
15 October 2016

Last time we held an Øresund Software Craftsship Group meet-up was probably in December 2015. Now, closing in on a year since the last meet-up, it's perhaps time to say something about why I haven't organised any more.

To run a user group like ØSCG can be very rewarding. But it also takes a lot of time and energy. There's a whole host of things that has to be done for each event. Planing topics, finding speakers, preparing content, market it amongst other things. Then you've got to attending it as the host and sometimes the speaker or facilitator. So even with the fantastic help of FooCafe who takes care of the ground service it eats up a lot of time.

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Whiskey sour with a dash of bitters

6 March 2016

I've been experimenting with my recipe of the classic whiskey sour. When I started making them I followed the class, using only Angostura bitters. This makes a really nice cocktail but kind of lacks something in my opinion. I later found the fantastic bitter Peychaud's which marries fantastically with bourbon. Adding some of this, about three dashes, to your sour will lift it a level. It will also add a really nice colour to your cocktail.

Last summer I had the opportunity to add two new bitters to my collection, Boker's and Ornico. Each will give your sour a new dimension. Do keep in mind, I'm not removing any, just adding more. So now I tend to mix them with three, Angostura, Peychaud's and wither Boker's or Ornico.

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The Milano Cocktail

Tomas Malmsten
11 November 2015

This is a cocktail which seems to originate from the bar Tjoget in Stockholm. I picked it up from BELLE Epoque in Malmö. From that recipe I put this together.

  • 5cl Aperol
  • 3cl Blood Grape
  • 1.5cl Coffee syrup (this coffee syrup is made with one part strong coffee and one part sugar)
  • Top up with tonic - make sure to make it a good tonic.
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